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Support Australian made bitumen

Our Geelong refinery is the only manufacturer of bitumen in Australia. With over 65 years of production experience behind us, our refinery supplies a wide range of bitumen products to our Victorian customers.

Enjoy our secure supply

Local manufacturing at our Geelong refinery is supported by our extensive network of world-class import and blending facilities.

With state-of-the-art terminals at Townsville, Birkenhead, Pinkenba, Port Botany and Geelong, we have the most complete bitumen supply chain on the East Coast. Our third party toll blending partners help us provide a complete product offering.

Certified to Australian specifications

We supply a range of high-quality bitumen products on grade, on time and at the required temperature.

All our bitumen is certified to Australian specifications. We also offer a range of cutbacks, pre coats, cutters and fluxes.

Standard Bitumen and Multigrade (AS2008)

The full range of standard bitumen products, including EME, Multigrades M1000 and M500.

Polymer Modified Binders (AGPT/T190)

Polymer modified binders and crumb rubber modified binders, suitable for the most demanding asphalt and sprayed sealing applications.

Specialty Binders

We also offer specialty solution-based binders for unique applications such as racetracks and airports.

Cutbacks (AS2157)

Cutback bitumen covering the AMC range, formulated with our high flashpoint kerosene.

Cutters and Fluxes (AAPA Advisory Note 21)

Highly refined hydrocarbon solvents, with high flashpoints for cutting and fluxing road grade bitumen and temporarily reducing its viscosity.


Fluxed bitumen designed to pre-coat aggregate.

See our bitumen test reports.

Make the most of our expertise

Our experienced bitumen team provides expert advice and service, and the confidence that the solutions we provide add real value.

Our experts are innovators, testing products that meet the ever-increasing demands placed on roads, racetracks, runways and ports.

If you need a problem solved, high-level technical advice or investigations and sample testing, you can count on us.

Case study: On the Supercars fast track

We supplied the bitumen used at the Phillip Island and Winton racetracks. The key to the success of the final paved surfaces was planning. Our bitumen team worked closely with the asphalt contractors on each project to ensure we met key deliverables. These included large volumes of product delivered on grade, on time and on temperature, and over relatively short time frames.

Phillip Island 500

Surfaced: 2012

Surfaced by: Downer

  • 300T of Bitumen from Geelong Refinery
  • 4.445kms long
  • Considered one of the ‘Worlds Best Tracks’

Winton Supersprint

Surfaced: 2016

Surfaced by: Downer

  • 300T of Bitumen from Geelong Refinery
  • 3kms long
  • Considered Australia’s ‘Action Track’ and is used year round for racing, testing and development

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