Geelong Energy Hub

Geelong Refinery

Supporting Victoria’s evolving energy needs

Viva Energy is considering transforming its Geelong Refinery into an Energy Hub to support the energy needs of Victoria and South East Australia. The Geelong Energy Hub could support the energy transformation currently underway while helping to underpin the future viability of our refinery.

A number of future energy projects are being assessed which could see the company taking a leading role in supplying liquid fuels and gas as well as supporting the development of other alternative energy solutions.

LNG Regasification Terminal

Solar Energy Farm

Strategic Supply & Storage

Hydrogen & New Energies

Why is the Energy Hub important?

An LNG Regasification Terminal is like a “virtual pipeline” - cost effectively bringing gas from where it is produced to where it is needed.

Support renewable power generation and help reduce our carbon footprint with the solar farm to provide a portion of the refinery’s electricity needs.

Support the development of alternative lower emission energy sources, such as hydrogen.

Diversify the use of the Geelong refinery, help it to remain viable, protect local jobs and generate new jobs and skills in Geelong.

Learn more about our vision to meet the energy challenge.

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The Geelong Energy Hub Factsheet

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Community Engagement

Community and stakeholder consultation will be key to provide relevant and timely information on our projects, the opportunity to ask questions and to keep the community informed on our progress.

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