Viva Energy fuel helps prevent substance misuse

8 December 2014

Viva Energy Australia (“Viva Energy”) is today proud to launch Viva Energy’s Low Aromatic Fuel across the northern half of Australia in support of the Federal Government’s national Petrol Sniffing Prevention Program. Viva Energy Low Aromatic Fuel Laboratory

Viva Energy is contracted to supply low aromatic fuel to wholesale customers, including service stations, in targeted regions across the Northern Territory, East Kimberley, Cape York and the Gulf of Carpentaria for up to 4.5 years.

Mr. Scott Wyatt, CEO Viva Energy Australia, said that the company worked in partnership with the Government, independent engine testers, and the team at the Geelong Refinery (Victoria) to create Viva Energy’s Low Aromatic Fuel, which will be available at Shell branded service stations as Shell Unleaded 91 Low Aromatic.

“It is a rare opportunity for any company to be involved in a program that has proven to have a powerful impact in helping to reduce the devastating effects of substance misuse,” said Scott.

“Viva Energy is honoured to have been charged with formulating and producing Low Aromatic Fuel at our Geelong Refinery and we are looking forward to working with local communities and Government to help expand the product’s distribution,” he said.

Viva Energy’s Low Aromatic Fuel contains low levels of aromatic compounds that remove the smell from petrol. It also contains an exclusive Shell additive that is designed to help protect engines from the build-up of harmful deposits. The fuel meets all relevant Federal specifications and independent testing has shown no discernible difference between it and regular unleaded fuel for motorists.

“The process involved in creating and producing low aromatic fuel is complex and involves rigorous testing to ensure that the fuel meets all relevant Federal specifications as well as the requirement for a much lower aromatic content.

“Creating the fuel was an undertaking that the Viva Energy team approached with passion – evidenced by the support the project team received from every part of our business, including some individuals who went over and above the call of duty.

“One of Viva Energy’s refinery operators used to work in a remote part of northern Australia and saw, first-hand, the destructive effects of petrol sniffing to individuals, families and the local community. 

“Driven by the social impact of this project he nominated himself to load Viva Energy’s first test batch of Low Aromatic Fuel and stood outside for his entire shift to fill each transport container!”

Further information about Viva Energy’s Low Aromatic Fuel, including where to purchase Shell Unleaded 91 Low Aromatic in the northern half of Australia, can be found on the Viva Energy website

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