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Bitumen Technical DirectorNigel Preston is the Bitumen Technical Director for
Viva Energy Australia based in Melbourne.
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Through our previous ownership by Shell and as Viva Energy now, we have been at the forefront of the bitumen industry for over 65 years. That makes Viva Energy one of the nation’s largest suppliers of bitumen products.

Our range of high quality, innovative bitumen products provide solutions for all your business application needs, whether you’re after standard, multigrade, polymer modified or solution-based binders.

State-of-the-art ‘In-Line Blending’ facilities locally produced material for increase supply flexibility, while unrivalled supply security is achieved through our extensive network of world-class facilities, supported by exceptional customer service from our experienced Viva Energy Bitumen Team.

Committed to innovation in servicing industry

Viva Energy has bitumen supply capability along the east coast of Australia and in South Australia through a network of import terminals, as well as the Geelong Refinery in Victoria. The Geelong Refinery will become the last in Australia with bitumen manufacturing capability, providing locally produced material for Victorian customers.

With on-going refinement of our high-performance products and new binders, we’re perfectly positioned to help meet the increased demands being placed on our seals and pavements through an ever-greater volume of traffic and loadings.

Our service benchmark is to deliver bitumen to our customers in full, on time and at temperature. Our team will support your business through our dynamic customer value proposition.

Innovation, quality, and superior service – that’s Viva Energy’s commitment to you.

You can view Viva Energy’s bitumen solutions and register for access to technical data sheets here. If you’d like to know how we can partner with you and help pave new paths forward for your business, get in touch.



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