Explore a variety of fact sheets, videos, project updates and other information to learn more about the proposed Gas Terminal. 

Fact sheets

Gas Terminal

Viva Energy is seeking approval to develop a Gas Terminal adjacent to the Geelong Refinery. The Gas Terminal would bring natural gas from various locations in Australia and overseas, to meet the projected gas shortage in south-east Australia. Learn more about how the Gas Terminal would operate.

Download the Gas Terminal Overview fact sheet


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Download other project fact sheets

Gas Terminal fact sheet
How the Gas Terminal will work fact sheet 
LNG Safety fact sheet
Safe and secure operations
Refinery Pier Extension Works fact sheet
Case for Gas fact sheet

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Protecting the environment as the Gas Terminal is developed is of utmost importance. As part of the regulatory approvals process, Viva Energy is required to develop an Environment Effects Statement. Learn more about the measures being taken to minimise the impact to the environment.
Learn more about the Environment Effects Statement process

Download environment fact sheets

Managing Seawater Discharge fact sheet
Protecting Ramsar Wetlands fact sheet

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The proposed project includes construction of 6.5km of new pipeline to get the gas from the terminal into homes and businesses across Victoria.

Download pipeline fact sheets

Gas Terminal Pipeline fact sheet
Pipeline Construction fact sheet
Pipeline Regulatory Approvals fact sheet

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Project Updates

For the benefit of the community, we also provide updates about the Gas Terminal project through an emailed newsletter, as well as advertorials in local newspapers. You can sign up for the newsletters here

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Advertorial - Sustainability - 27 November 2021
25 November 2021
Advertorial - 20 November 2021
Advertorial - 23 October 2021
Advertorial - 16 October 2021
13 October 2021
30 September 2021
31 August 2021
28 July 2021
16 June 2021
18 May 2021
26 April 2021

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Our video library explains the Gas Terminal Project, the steps we’re taking to minimise any environmental impacts and other useful information about the project.
Project overview
View all gas terminal project videos