Marine Environment

Protecting the marine environment around the proposed Gas Terminal is of great importance as we progress the project.

The proposed Gas Terminal will be constructed adjacent to the existing Geelong Refinery. For more than 65 years, the refinery has safely operated in harmony with Corio Bay, including the Port Phillip Bay (Western Shoreline) and Bellarine Peninsula Ramsar site.

While the proposed terminal is outside the Ramsar site and there will be no operations or pipelines within the Ramsar zone, the Ramsar wetlands have been identified as a sensitive environmental area and a priority watch point for the project team.

As part of the Environment Effects Statement (EES), targeted environmental data collection and marine monitoring programs have been underway since November 2020. These include data collection on currents and water temperature and sampling of plankton and larvae in Corio Bay.

A shorebird survey along the coastline of Corio Bay and Limeburners Bay started in March 2021 to understand the presence of bird species within the study area, with expert assessments being undertaken to ensure there are no unintended indirect impacts on birds.

The work around Refinery Pier will also be assessed for any potential impacts on the marine environment.

Find out more on the Environment Effects Statement.  

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Download the Protecting the Marine Environment Fact Sheet
Download the Protecting Ramsar Wetlands Fact Sheet
Download the Marine Ecology - Dredging Study Summary

Seawater recycling and re-use

One of the unique aspects of our project is that we intend to take the cooled seawater following the regasification process and redirect it to the existing refinery seawater intake for reuse as cooling water within the refinery operations.

This is part of our commitment to minimise the potential impact on the environment from the Gas Terminal.

Download the Managing Seawater Discharge Fact Sheet
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