At Viva Energy, we place the highest priority on the health and safety of our people, the environment and the communities where we operate. We are committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance and to reduce any potential impacts from our construction and operational activities. This same approach will apply to our proposed Gas Terminal.


Project Approvals

Before the Gas Terminal Project can proceed, there are a number of Victorian and Commonwealth Government approvals that are required. These ensure that the project has in place measures that minimise impacts to the environment and the nearby community, and that the construction and ongoing operation of the facility are done safely.

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Environment Effects Statement

The Gas Terminal Project is being assessed from an environmental perspective through the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process. We will be undertaking a range of work and studies to fully assess the potential environmental impacts of the Gas Terminal.

Watch this video to learn about the Environmental Effects Statement and how you can have your say. The EES will be exhibited publicly for comment in early 2022.

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Learn more about the Environment Effects Statement process

Our EES will explore the following areas