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  1. I’ve worked at Viva Energy since October 2012.
  2. My first job was as the QLD Logistics Manager, back when we made Lubricants in Pinkenba.
  3. My role now is a Lubricants Distribution Manager.
  4. I help people reach their destination by providing space to grow and support to succeed.
  5. The best part of my job is the variety of tasks and people that I interact with, no one day is the same be it operational, customer facing, technology, safety, contract management or a mix of all of them.
  6. I was led to this career by growing up in the UK in a family business operating heavy goods vehicles. This led to Logistics and Warehousing roles in Australia.
  7. I prefer to start the day by riding my push bike to work.
  8. I prefer to end the day by sitting down to dinner with my wife and two children, which is a great chance to connect through the week.
  9. I am energised by the enthusiasm and drive within my team to delight our customers.
  10. The most interesting thing I am working on right now is the development of an automated OTIF (On time in Full) reporting system. This measures the ability of our business to deliver on its promises.
  11. The one behavior I attribute my success to is a passion for customer service. Without our customers we have no business. Within any large organisation it is just as important for people in non-customer facing roles to keep sight of this passion and be responsive to our customer’s needs.
  12. The one thing that surprises me about working at Viva Energy is the change in the culture of the business over the years.
  13. The most funny/memorable moment I have had at work is a toughie as we have fun every day, which is the best way to break from the sometimes stressful situations we find ourselves dealing with. The most memorable in recent times was when my team won the recognition of our peers at our Commercial Conference last year.
  14. The worst job I ever had was a Saturday job at a supermarket when I was at school. Given my height they decided the perfect role for me was to pull everything on the top shelves to the front for the “less tall” customers. From this, I learned that one should always grab opportunities with both hands as once you get your foot in the door then who knows what might happen.
  15. The biggest mistake I made early on in my career was the way I handled my first direct report. I was on a work placement from Uni, and I loaded up my team member with tasks, and could not understand why she was not able to complete it all. I learned from this experience that everyone has different capabilities, strengths and ways of working.
  16. The greatest career advice I was given was - “hope is no strategy”.
  17. The most important skill every person should have is listening to both sides of an argument.
  18. The one topic I wish I knew more about is how to make a teenager do what you want them to do.
  19. How do your see your role evolving over the next 5 years? Continuing the drive to improve our systems, streamline and improve our customer responsiveness, and broaden the options to support our sales strategy and reduce costs.
  20. Early bird or night owl? Early bird every time – it comes with living in QLD!

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