We offer a leading superannuation benefit that includes a 12 percent company contribution for all employees. In addition to this, we will pay the 12 percent full-time contribution to any employee working part-time with young children, or to parents on parental leave (including unpaid parental leave).

Viva Energy also pays the insurance premium for the Death and Total Permanent Disability cover on behalf of all eligible employees.

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Parental Leave

We offer a generous parental leave program for all parents on the birth, adoption, or permanent foster care arrangement of a child. This includes access to 14 weeks of full paid leave for primary carers, and 2 weeks full paid leave for secondary carers.


Flexible Working

We support our team members to realise their full potential, both professionally and personally, by offering a range of flexible working arrangements to meet individual circumstances. We trust our people and encourage them to choose the way they want to work, while also delivering the best business outcomes.

We also recognise that it is important that our people are available to come together at times to connect and socialise, in order to deliver business priorities as required.

Fuel Discount

We offer a 25 percent discount off the retail price of Shell branded motor vehicle fuels, for up to two vehicles per employee.


Fundraising and participation

We offer a number of opportunities for our people to participate in fundraising events that benefit our local communities.

Double My Donation: Many of our people donate directly from their salary to a variety of community partners or supported charities, which is matched by Viva Energy dollar for dollar.

Team Fundraising: Our people come together in teams to raise money for our community partners or to support charities. Viva Energy matches the money raised up to $10,000 per charity, per year.

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