Project Updates

Modification Project Update

Following an extensive review Viva Energy has decided not to progress with some of the major development works proposed for Gore Bay Terminal, in particular we will not be converting tanks to be used for Jet Fuel storage.

During recent years the Terminal has implemented a number of projects and changed a variety of operational procedures to improve environmental and operational efficiency. Emissions from the Terminal have also reduced substantially, noise related complaints have decreased and ships can unload fuel more efficiently.

Viva Energy will continue with plans to replace the Terminal’s electrical substation to further improve site safety and operational reliability. It will also consider other site works over time, including the demolition of redundant storage tanks to reduce the overall footprint of the facility.

In addition, approval to install acoustic sound proofing for some equipment on site (that will further reduce noise) has already been granted.

All of these enhancements will help ensure the Terminal continues to safely and reliably service the fuel requirements of NSW motorists and customers now and into the future - as we have done since 1901.

At Viva Energy we care about the health of our workers as well as that of the communities in which we operate and we aim to minimise any potential impact from our operations. We have conducted a health study and we have also participated in Monash University’s Health Watch programme for decades that tracks the health of oil industry workers.

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