The Clyde and Parramatta Terminals alarm is a vital way of ensuring our on-site personnel respond quickly and safely to an incident. There are two types of alarms:

General Alarm – 30 seconds of intermittent pitch of the alarm (high pitch followed by low muffled pitch).

All clear – 30 seconds of continuous sounding of the siren. This signifies if there is an incident, it is now under control.

The alarms are tested at 12 noon every Tuesday.

An alarm heard any other time means an incident has occurred on site that requires attention by terminal personnel.

The community does not need to take action when an alarm sounds unless instructed otherwise by the Police or Emergency Services.

In case of an emergency call 000

Fridge Magnets

If you would like to request a fridge magnet with information about our alarms, please complete our online feedback form and include your preferred postal address.