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The Clyde facility has been operating since 1928 – originally as a refinery until 2012 and now as a fuel storage terminal. It is adjacent to the Parramatta Terminal which has been operating since 1964. These two terminals continue to be an important part of the fuel supply chain in New South Wales with around 50 percent of NSW’s petroleum requirements supplied from these facilities.

Clyde Terminal receives, stores and distributes Fuel products that include Diesel, Jet Fuel and Gasoline which have been transferred from Gore Bay Terminal via the existing pipeline. Fuel product dosing and sampling is also undertaken at the Clyde Terminal. Fuel products are distributed via the existing pipeline to the Parramatta Terminal road gantry and then via road haulage across metropolitan and regional NSW. Parramatta Terminal also has a warehouse and lube oil tank farm for supply of bulk lubricants. Fuel is also supplied from Clyde Terminal to Sydney Airport via existing pipeline infrastructure.

Over the 80 years of operations at Clyde and 50 years of operation at Parramatta Terminal, we have continuously improved processes and systems to ensure safe operations while minimising potential impacts on the environment and the surrounding community.

Viva Energy Australia’s NSW State Business office is also located at Clyde Terminal. 

The State Business office is open 7.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday. 

Gate 5, Durham Street
Rosehill NSW 2142

Parramatta Terminal
Gate 4, Durham Street
Rosehill NSW 2142

The Terminals operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The road gantry section of the Parramatta terminal is operated as a joint facility with BP.

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To enable community members to contact us with any concerns they may have, we operate a 24 hours community hotline. We encourage community members to contact us if they have any questions or concerns about something they see, hear or smell in relation to our Terminal.

Clyde & Parramatta Terminals 24 hour line (including complaints line):  +61 2 9897 8704

General enquiries line: +61 2 9897 8704

In case of Emergency: 000

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Email: Use our online feedback form to send us an email
Phone : +61 3 8823 4677
Postal : External Communications, GPO Box 872, Melbourne Vic 3001