Our People

Encouraging participation

Throughout the year we’ll run a range of programs and inspire our people to volunteer time and money, as they are able, to our community Program Partners.

The programs will be driven by Community Ambassadors: Viva Energy employees appointed from within each of our key operations who are passionate about making positive social change.

  • Double my donation 
    Our people are offered the opportunity to make a regular donation from their salary to one of Viva Energy’s Program Partners. We will then match the donation dollar for dollar. 
  • Fundraising teams 
    Viva Energy employees can team together in groups of 5 to help raise funds for our Program Partners. We will also match the amount raised (up to $10,000 per charity). 
  • Doing a good deed 
    We have extended international Good Deeds Day to a week, during which time employees will be encouraged to put into practice the simple idea that everyone can do something good to improve the lives of others. 

There will be opportunities for employees to volunteer to help our program partners, but they can also do good deeds of their own choosing.


Our Communities

Our primary community partner is headspace, the national youth mental health foundation established to provide early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds.

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Our Business

We are committed to working meaningfully with people of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander heritage to provide opportunities through direct business policies that influence five key areas

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