Our Communities

Role Model Grants

Each year we will invite not-for-profit organisations in our heartland communities to apply for grants of up to $5,000. A total of $50,000 will be available for the role model grants annually.

Applications will be evaluated by our Community Ambassadors. The projects submitted for review must meet specific criteria and address one of three significant challenges:

  • Mental illness
  • Substance Abuse
  • Breaking the poverty cycle through education

The specific focus is on initiatives that will benefit the communities in which we operate – Clyde and Gore Bay, Pinkenba, Geelong and Newport.


Application guidelines

Disaster relief

When a disaster affects a community close to where we operate, it can affect our people personally and deeply.

Viva Energy will do what we can to provide relief in the event that:

  • we have operations in the affected area;
  • our people – employees and regular contractors – have been directly impacted;
  • key customers and/or suppliers have been directly impacted;
  • the area experienced large-scale devastation;
  • our people are eager and willing to help.

Industry involvement

We partner with influential organisations and industry groups to stimulate economic opportunities for local communities.

Community Engagement

Through various forums we work to communicate with local communities about our operations, keeping people informed and striving to understand their needs and concerns.

Many of our operations have instigated a range of community engagement activities specific to their local needs.

Communication between these operations and their local communities is also customised, and can include Community Advisory Panels, newsletters, information sessions and website updates.


Our People

Throughout the year we’ll run a range of programs and inspire our people to volunteer time and money, as they are able, to our community Program Partners.

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Our Business

We are committed to working meaningfully with people of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander heritage to provide opportunities through direct business policies that influence five key areas

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