Indigenous Participation

Our Vision for Indigenous participation at Viva Energy

As an Australian company, our Indigenous1 participation vision is to respectfully work together with Indigenous peoples to assist them reach their destination, and in doing so build a diverse and enriched Viva Energy. To deliver our vision, Viva Energy has developed this Indigenous Participation Plan.

To make meaningful progress will require the engagement and efforts of staff, customers and suppliers across our business. This will be driven by our Indigenous Participation Advisory Group, which consists of senior members representing all major functions of the business, together with an independent Indigenous member. We will action priority areas where we can make the biggest impact.

Our initial Indigenous Participation Plan was activated in November 2016.

This is an updated version of our Indigenous Participation Plan that acknowledges our successes and learnings in the implementation of our initial plan and more closely aligns our Indigenous Participation Plan with our wider Community Support Strategy.

Our Indigenous Participation Plan

Our Community Support Strategy and Indigenous Participation Plan share a common goal: to be valued by our people, local communities and customers, for our genuine efforts towards positive social change. Our Indigenous Participation Plan commitments align directly with the three pillars of our Community Support Strategy:

  • Our People – Create simple and inspiring ways for employees to contribute to positive social change
  • Our Local Communities – Support local projects that foster positive role models, to address significant community challenges
  • Our Business – Use our core business to capabilities to help create long-term change


Our People

Objective 1: Provide opportunities for our staff to contribute to positive social chance for Indigenous people

Priority area

1.1 Double My Donation and Team Fundraising - available for Indigenous Community Partners within Viva Energy’s Community Program Staff donations are matched dollar for dollar by Viva Energy. Current Indigenous Community Partners include:

  • AIME
  • Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services
  • Cathy Freeman Foundation
  • The Fred Hollows Foundation

Objective 2: Deepen our understanding and awareness of Indigenous cultures and histories

Priority area

2.1 Cultural training and immersion for staff – opportunities for staff to engage with:

  • Foundation Courses offered in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Celebrate key Indigenous events – such as NAIDOC Week and National Reconciliation Week
  • Welcome to Country conducted by local Aboriginal Elder at major events
  • Acknowledgement of Country conducted by staff at significant events

Our Local Communities

Objective 3: Provides support to Indigenous communities addressing mental health, Indigenous participation and substance misuse.

Priority Areas

3.1 Community Partnerships - allocate at least $3million over three-years to Indigenous programs:

  • Cathy Freeman Foundation: four year partnership
  • NASCA: $750,000 over three years
  • CAAPS: $300,000 over three years
  • Amity: $50,000 over one year

3.2 Indigenous Role Model Grants - $50,000 per annum available for grants up to $10,000 each Three grants awarded in 2016/17

Our Business

Objective 4: Embed our Indigenous Participation Plan across our business

Priority Areas

4.1 Indigenous Participation Advisory Group – leads our Indigenous Participation Plan and works with our Community Ambassadors to embed the plan across all areas of our business.

Objective 5: Reduce petrol sniffing in Aboriginal communities by providing Low Aromatic Fuel

Priority Area

5.1 Low Aromatic Fuel (LAF) – we have been supporting the Petrol Sniffing Prevention Program for 10 years, including producing, transporting and storing LAF into Northern Australia for over two years, and working with the Australian Government and community groups to promote the fuel. We will:

  • Continue deliver LAF to Northern Australia for the period 2017 to 2020 and beyond

Objective 6: Build skills, develop and, where appropriate create job opportunities for Indigenous people

Priority Area

6.1 Internships – our partnership with Career Trackers provides for skills development and job opportunities for Indigenous people through our internship program

  • Career Trackers provided three internship placements in 2016 and four placements in 2017.
  • Intern, Jack MacCauley, won the Project Excellence Award presented at the annual CareerTrackers Awards 2017

Objective 7: Increase opportunities for Indigenous businesses to bid for contracts supplying goods and services to Viva Energy and other organisations.

Priority Areas

7.1 Good and Services – target and engage Indigenous providers. Key successes in this area have included:

  • Member of Supply Nation
  • Target to award three contracts to Indigenous businesses in 2017

7.2 Suppliers and Contractors we will encourage our stakeholders to improve their Indigenous participation, including:

  • Work with Supply Nation to connect our major suppliers to Indigenous organisations
  • Benchmark major contractors against Indigenous employment metrics

1 We respectfully use the term Indigenous to refer to all Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.