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Our aim is to be a company that is driven by people: to us this means creating an environment where people have purposeful work, are challenged to grow, feel valued and connected to our company, and are inspired by what we deliver as a team.

We start by attracting the best, most talented people and then developing their passions so they become even better. That’s how we provide a better service to our customers, which in turn helps our business to grow.

And we’re growing quickly – but deliberately. Our strategic plan for the future has flexibility and adaptability built-in, and we welcome new people with ideas that can help us excel.

Job satisfaction comes in many forms, but it’s hard to beat the sense of pride in knowing that the work we do benefits every Australian is hard to beat. From your family and friends to major corporations and entire industries, Australia relies on the energy we provide.

Our people are at the heart of all we do. It’s a culture that other businesses might want, and we don’t take that for granted. That’s why we invest a lot of time thinking about ways to make sure our people will always feel inspired – at work, at home and in the community.

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Feel good about what you do

Working together as a team, we all have clear goals that stretch us to achieve the best results for our customers. We do this all in a safe manner. And because our individual goals are linked to those of the business, we all know how important we are to the company.

For instance, last year we acquired the Shell Aviation business, we will be working to supply aviation fuel to the new Sydney airport, introduced a market-leading logistics scheduling tool; built the largest crude oil tank in the Southern Hemisphere, launched Shell V-Power Diesel across the country, and are modernising our Geelong refinery.

Individuals working in teams, knowing what they had to do and pushing themselves to succeed achieved all these business goals.

Each of us has an important role to play, and we understand that sometimes we need to take a calculated risk to get the right result. By constantly learning, embracing accountability and prioritising the things that really matter, we deliver value for our customers.

We may be obsessed with our customers, but our work isn’t limited to our function as an energy provider. We are committed to giving back to our local communities, where our aim is to effect positive social change in the areas of mental health, Indigenous participation and substance misuse.

On many levels, what we do really matters - and that’s something we can all feel proud of.

Supporting our communities

As a business, we partner with a number of charities that were chosen by our people, who generously donate their time and money to show their support.

Working with us, you’ll be able to make ongoing donations to one of our charity partners from your pre-tax salary – and we’ll match your donations dollar for dollar. You can also take paid leave if you want to volunteer and help more directly.

These examples are just a small part of our expansive community investment program, which was recognised by the Australian HR Institute as a finalist in their national Corporate Social Responsibility Award category.

Read more about our community programs. Read more about the AHRI Awards.

Supporting Indigenous students

Through the national Indigenous internship organisation, CareerTrackers, we provide opportunities for students who want to gain real-life work experience.

One particular intern, Jack MacCauley, a chemistry student working at our Geelong refinery laboratory in 2017, was given the task of finding a new way to test ageing in bitumen.

His successful work was celebrated at the CareerTrackers Awards in Sydney, where he was recognised with the award for Project Excellence.

Read more about CareerTrackers.

Change the future

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Be part of a team

Driven by people means that you will have the power to make a real difference to our business. Because around here, great ideas come from everywhere – and everyone. Our flat structure makes it easy to talk to someone about any idea you have and get things done. We employ great people who want to make a difference.

To encourage this, your voice and ideas are important – and you will be heard. We work in teams that respect and value the individual, because we know we’re better together and teamwork delivers the best results. Respect means we’re comfortable challenging each other, as this creates the best outcomes.

Be valued for who you are

We value people for their character and the work they do, regardless of gender, where they come from, religious beliefs or sexuality. Because diversity in the workplace is every bit as important as it is in everyday life.

For instance, our CEO is a Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Pay Equity Ambassador, responsible for promoting and improving gender equality. We are passionate about providing all of our employees access to opportunities to develop their careers. In 2018, we are thrilled that this has been recognised by WGEA, as an Employer of Choice for Women.

We’re also proud to partner with the CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program, helping tertiary students gain valuable experience within our business, and we encourage a number of networks to further our diversity agenda, including our first LGBTIQ+ Pride Committee.

Find your true calling

Take a look at our current Job Opportunities and see if there’s a role that interests you. 


Be recognised for your achievements

We recognise and celebrate success, because our people should feel proud of the work they do, We also provide our people with competitive rewards and benefits as well as the ability to drive their own careers.

Enjoy the rewards and benefits (and flexibility)

As far as we’re concerned, the most important thing is that you love what you do. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work. Our customers benefit and you get to enjoy a fulfilling career where your accomplishments are rewarded appropriately.

We love challenging work, and we pay competitively to attract and retain the best people. But there are many other benefits that everyone enjoys, that come as part of your package.

When the business does well we all share in that success, through our Short Term Incentive program.

At the same time you’ll be able to build your longer-term wealth, because we pay super contributions at a rate higher than the standard minimum. You’ll also get support if you want to further your education.

You can apply for a novated lease to buy a car, receive a discount on your health insurance and even buy some electronics and computer products at discounted prices – including a few Apple and Microsoft products.

Best of all, as part of our team you’ll get 25 per cent discount every time you fill up with Shell fuel. Yep, every time.

Make your job work for you

We understand that we’re all different, with unique ways of working best, so flexibility is part of our culture. That might mean working part time, job sharing, working remotely or from home, or variable start and finish times.

We strongly believe that having children should not affect your financial security. To help our new parents, we offer a generous 14 weeks’ paid parental leave and a full-time superannuation payment for up to five years during unpaid parental leave and part-time work periods. We are proud to be the first Company in Australia to provide this to our employees.

We are also a partner of Grace Papers, an organisation that supports new parents as they try to manage their career and their family.

Learn more about Grace Papers.

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Take a look at our current Job Opportunities and see if there’s a role that interests you.

Career growth

Discover your true potential

Joining our team will give you the opportunity to develop a rewarding professional career.

Talking about your career regularly, being challenged every day, learning from the people around you and having access to the latest technology, form an important part of our development culture.

Find your passion

We want you to succeed. Your success will fuel the success of others and ultimately the success of our business. Most importantly, it will help create a dynamic and enjoyable place to work.

The skills and knowledge you gain with us will provide you with leading career opportunities. A strong culture relies on passionate people, so we’ll help you find your passion. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.

Embrace the opportunities

From our head office in Docklands, Melbourne to our Geelong Refinery or one of our 18 state-based offices and terminals, we offer career opportunities that are as diverse as our business.

We’re really proud to support such iconic customers as Qantas, Virgin, Rio Tinto, Caterpillar, Carnivale, Fulton Hogan and the Australian Defence Force. Being able to serve the best means that we are required to be the best. While our retail network partners include a network of key industry players, including Coles Express, Liberty, Vitol, Night Owl, Nuv Petroleum and more, forming a network of over 1,000 service stations across the country.

We are a business that major businesses rely on, and we need people like you to help drive our success. Within our Consumer Team and our Commercial Customer Teams there are many unique and exciting opportunities, particularly focused on identifying commercial opportunities, nurturing relationships and giving our customers the exceptional service for which we are known.

As our refinery is one of the largest and most complex hydrocarbon refineries in Australia, we need people who are driven, can demonstrate creative thinking and are not afraid to take on challenges.

We supply Shell and Viva Energy branded products throughout Australia. It’s a big job, and we need great people to keep the supply chain on track while supporting our customers.

This is the operational backbone of our business, and we’re always on the lookout for high-calibre people to help drive our business forward.

Explore the possibilities

Take a look at our current Job Opportunities and see if there’s a role that interests you.


Take a leading role in your future

Great leaders drive our culture. We want everyone to feel like a leader, to be supportive and inspire others so that we can each reach our full potential.

Believe in something

Engagement starts with a strong set of values. These are important, because they explain what we expect from each other.

All our relationships – with each other, our customers, our supply partners and the wider community – are based on three simple values: honesty, which defines how we operate on all levels; integrity, which guides our behaviour in all our relationships; and respect, which determines how we treat people, the environment and our local communities.

The principles that guide us

A clear set of principles help guide our actions, so we can be the best corporate citizen possible.

Our Business Principles and Code of Conduct help everyone who works here understand how they should behave at all times. Our people are our ambassadors, and how they conduct themselves reflects on us all.

Everyone has the confidence to report improper or unsafe behaviour. Safety comes first, and we will always look out for each other.

Take the lead

Take a look at our current Job Opportunities and see if there’s a role that interests you.

Job opportunities

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Be part of something big

Put simply, we’re here to help people reach their destinations. From the fuels and lubricants needed for cars, trucks, ships, trains and planes to chemicals for industry and bitumen for roads, we make, import and deliver the energy Australia needs to move.

We’re with businesses, helping to fuel important industries like mining, transport, marine and aviation. And we’re with individuals, from holiday-makers to families on their school run and workers on their daily commute.

Join us and you’ll have a unique opportunity to help shape our brand and culture. You’ll be part of our evolution, and that’s exciting.

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If you find a role you’d like to apply for, you can create an account (or sign in, if you already have one) and submit your application online.

Set up a Job Alert

If you can’t find the role you want, add yourself to our talent pool by creating or updating your profile and saving a Job Alert. We’ll then let you know when the right position comes up. We might also ask if you’d like to apply for other roles that suit your experience and skills.

Simply sign in and go to the “Job Alert” tab under “Job Management”.

Take a look at our current Job Opportunities and see if there’s a role that interests you.

5 steps to a new career

Know what to expect

Here’s how it works. First, you submit your job application. We’ll then send you an email to let you know it arrived safely. You can track your application through your online account.

Positions are generally posted for two weeks. During that time we begin to shortlist candidates.

From the shortlist we will conduct video screenings or phone calls so we can get to know each other better. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your line manager and hear more about the role, because it’s important that you get to know us, too.

We then select the people we’d like to see face-to-face for an interview.

The interview will typically be with the line manager and a member of the HR team. They’ll be looking for the competencies required for the role, and the behaviours and values we all live by here at Viva Energy.

For some roles, we may set up a second interview or ask that you meet with other members of the team you would be working with.

Some roles may also require a few more checks and assessments, such as online ability and personality assessments, reference and qualification checks and so forth. You’ll be informed at every step about your progress.

We’ll make a verbal job offer while the contract is being drawn-up. The offer may be conditional if checks need to be completed, but we’ll let you know once it’s all clear.

Then it’s just a matter of saying welcome to Viva Energy.